A bike designed for all uses!

Benur is the ideal partner for your daily life and your leisure and tourist trips. A bike that adapts to all, in all situations.

A useful means of transport for everyday life

The Benur bike meets the travel needs of people with reduced mobility , but not only. Thanks to its removable seat, it is the ideal partner for your trips, alone or with others, and for carrying heavy loads. Going to the cinema, shopping, carrying suitcases, taking your children to their activities or even going to an appointment or to your workplace: all this is possible with Benur!

  • benur inclusif
    An inclusive mobility solution
  • benur transportfamilial
    Family transport
  • benur transportobjets
    Cycle logistic
benur inclusif

An inclusive mobility solution

Benur meets the mobility needs of everyone: able-bodied people, but also all those whose mobility is temporarily or permanently impaired (elderly, surgery, pregnancy...). Thanks to its ergonomics and its ramp, it is the first bike to be fully accessible without transfer and in full autonomy for people in wheelchairs. Its removable seat offers the possibility of sitting without a wheelchair, while benefiting from the handrail for a real inclusivity .
benur transportfamilial

Family transport

People with kids love the Benur ! Because it fits perfectly on the cycling paths and green areas, and you can ride your kids on thanks to the removable sits system. The tricycle Benur is very appreciated as well by our elders and those who can't join anymore the family bike trips.Thanks to Benur, all can ride again, safely and enjoy together!
benur transportobjets

Cycle logistic

With a load carrying capacity of 200 kg, Benur makes another perfect alternative to cars in the cities ! The cycle logistic firms are very interested by the Benur which can be used as a new system of transportation for packages and was identified as a perfect tool for the last kilometer problematic in the urban areas. It also matters because the Benur allows people with disabilities to get involved in that branch of activities.

Wonderful electric with the Benur - Benur on Euronews

New electric tricycles that resemble Roman chariots have begun appearing in France. They are calling the vehicle, the Benur and it’s already causing a sensation for those with impaired mobility.

Usage Leisure

Suitable for solo or group outings, for people with reduced mobility and for able-bodied people, Benur offers the possibility for everyone to explore and discover the city or the natural and tourist sites by bike in complete freedom and autonomy. Designed to ride on all surfaces (asphalt, pebbles, grass, sand), with Benur nothing will ever stop you !

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Daily use

Benur is a partner in daily travel and can be easily integrated into urban environments to facilitate mobility at all times: professional or family activities, shopping, medical appointments, etc.


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