The Benur as a human adventure !

A crazy project, born from its creator’s thirst for encounters and escape.

An history, an experience

Joseph Mignozzi was unable to walk for two years after he got seriously injured in a motorbike accident. Passionated by bikes, used to travel a lot on his own and driven by a crazy thirst for adventures and challenges, he imagined a bicycle that would be accessible to wheelchairs without external assistance, without transferring. And so the Benur was born, from a tremendous desire to make cycling and public spaces accessible for good to all.

first prototype

Freedom, equality, mobility !

Since its launch Its ergonomics, removable seat and sleek design meet the needs of all users. Whether for everyday travel, leisure outings or transporting goods, Benur has the advantage of versatility and inclusiveness.

tain l hermitage
7talents in the team
9850design hours
1customizable bike for everyone
100% made in France

Made in France: not just a slogan, a reality!

With a view to sustainable development, Benur has chosen to design and manufacture its products 100% in France and locally. The Lyon-based company called on the design agency Mézière IDC, based in Villeurbanne, for the design. Manufacturing is carried out in the Hautes-Pyrénées in MILC Industry’s workshops.

Our dedicated talents


Joseph Mignozzi

Self-taught, an entrepreneur at heart, a bulimic of life, the inventor of Benur is from lyon, passionate about bike travelling. At the head of the company since 2017, he managed to get out of his wheelchair after a long battle to finally lead another one: mobility for all

Nicolas Braymand

Financial Officer
Multi-entrepreneur and manager at heart, Nicolas masters the business plan and cash flow like no other. Find a financing solution? It is possible!

Cyril Mézière

Product Designer
If there's anyone to thank for the superb design of Benur, it's Cyril! With years of experience in the medical field with his company, he has managed to make Benur's design so sexy that it has become the object of desire.

Sacha Zemma

Business developer
Sacha joined the company in September 2020 and is constantly developing the territorial network of Benur bikes. Do you want a Benur in your home? You can contact Sacha!
pierre erick

Pierre-Erick Durand

Graphic designer and video maker
An artist at heart, Pierre-Erick has laid the foundations of communication. He regularly intervenes to give his best advice in graphic design and create masterpieces.

Caroline Segoni

ViaRhôna project manager
A (not so) unexpected meeting that has led to many years of collaboration. Caroline is a passionate cyclist and a great lover of bicycle travel. She is a communications consultant, freelance journalist and leader of the ViaRhôna project. Tomorrow's Benur's on the major cycling routes? Caroline has something to do with it!