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  • What is the autonomy of the Benur ?

    The Benur has a range of between 80 and 100 km depending on the terrain. In addition, thanks to the generator included in the mainframe, a range of about 10% of the original range can be regained.

  • What is the speed of the Benur ?

    The Benur has 3 speed levels, which can be changed at the touch of a button:
    Level 1: a speed of 8 km/h
    Level 2: a speed of 15 km/h
    Level 3: a speed of 25 km/h

  • Who can use Benur ?

    All types of people can use the Benur. That is to say, fully able-bodied people for load carrying or leisure use and also people with reduced mobility (wheelchair users, temporary accident victims, people with walking difficulties, elderly people, etc.) for daily use to meet various needs.

  • Which paths can be used by Benur ?

    Benur is designed for all regulated cycle paths and can also be used on the road. In addition, its wheels and stability allow it to be used on country roads.

  • What types of slopes can be crossed by Benur ?

    Benur can negotiate slopes from 0 to 15% thanks to its two motors, one in each wheel.

  • Can I go backwards with the Benur ?

    A reverse button is available on the centre column of the Benur. This will allow you to reverse in situations where it is not possible to turn around with the front wheel (narrow path and obstacles).

  • What is the steering angle of the Benur ?

    The Benur has a steering angle of 150°, which allows it to turn around and manoeuvre with great ease.

  • Can I personalise my Benur ?

    The Benur's frame colour can be customised to your liking, with standard colours and more specific colours available as options. The same customisation system is also available for the fairing.

  • How many people can ride the Benur ?

    The Benur without bench seat can accommodate one adult in a wheelchair.
    The Benur with bench seat can accommodate one adult and up to two children or one adult with a second adult.

  • Is the bench seat removable ?

    The Benur's bench seat is removable and can be fixed by a simple system of notches. In addition, the rear seat can be adjusted to the desired height.

  • How much weight can the Benur support ?

    The maximum weight that the Benur can support is 200 kg.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the Benur ?

    The complete charging time of the Benur is 4 hours.

  • How do you recharge the batteries ?

    A socket on the central column of the Benur allows it to be charged without handling the batteries. It is also possible to take out the batteries and plug them in without using the Benur's built-in socket (useful when the Benur cannot have easy access to the charging point).

  • Can I charge my phone with the Benur ?

    A USB socket is provided for your phone's charger to charge it and to guide you through your use if you need to. In addition, this socket can be used by any other device using a USB cable (beware of power consumption).

  • How can I know the autonomy of my Benur ?

    The autonomy of your Benur is visible on the display (control screen of the Benur) and indicated by 4 bars meaning the remaining autonomy.

  • Is the Benur easy to repair in case of problems ?

    All of Benur's components come from the cycling world, which makes it easy for all bike rental companies, managers and repairers to solve the problem.

  • Where is Benur made?

    The Benur is manufactured in our workshops in France, more precisely in the Hautes-Pyrénées.